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Larry Bird



THC (%):




Larry Bird is an evenly-balanced hybrid marijuana strain named after the famous Boston Celtics basketball player. This strain is made by crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Larry Bird effects are uplifting and heady, making it an ideal strain for mid-day use. This strain has a sweet aroma of grape and tang that will remind you of Grape Crush soda. Growers say Larry Bird comes in adeep purple shade and features dense layers of thrichomes. Larry Bird, also known as Larry Bird Kush, is nicknamed "The Great White Hope."

What the Strain helps with:

pain, depression, inflammation, muscle_spasms


dry_mouth, dry_eyes, dizzy, anxious, headache

Effects: Feelings

happy, euphoric, uplifted, energetic

Most Common Terpene:

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