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Goat Head



THC (%):




Bred by The Farm Genetics, Goat Head is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Golden Goat, a fast-acting euphoric hybrid, with Headband, known for its relaxing qualities. The result is a loopy strain with uplifting and energizing effects, recommended for nights out dancing or seeing live music. It takes on the aroma and flavor of Golden Goat, which is known for being sweet, sour, spicy and fruity, as well as a hint of Headband’s funky aroma. You can expect buds to be fluorescent green, drenched in trichomes, and coated in orange hairs.

What the Strain helps with:

stress, pain, depression, insomnia, nausea


dry_mouth, dizzy

Effects: Feelings

relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, tingly, aroused

Most Common Terpene:

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